St. Matthew High School is fortunate to have its own Chapel. Our chapel is a sacred space set aside for the religious and spiritual needs of our school community and its members. Our Chapel is a distinguishing feature of our Catholic education system. Our chapel reminds us to make room for God who is at the center of all life.  Our chapel’s primary function is to support personal prayer and communal liturgy as well as school pastoral programs.  In addition, staff members are encouraged to use this space with their students for prayer and reflection.

Chaplaincy Department

Our school's current Chaplaincy Leader is Leanne Davis.

The Chaplaincy Team Leader facilitates the Christian life of the school in a very concrete manner by being available to students, staff, and parents so that all may participate in developing the faith dimension of our school community. 

Our services include:

  • Daily prayer for staff and students
  • Pastoral accompaniment for students, staff, and families
  • Liturgical celebrations in keeping with the liturgical seasons
  • Communal prayer and reconciliation services
  • Retreat opportunities for students
  • Faith development workshops for students Gr 7-12
  • Faith leadership PD and retreats for staff
  • Catholic Character formation and religious education resources for religion teachers
  • Coordination of school-wide social justice initiatives and service projects
  • By-weekly Chapel Mass 8:45 am (Fr. Waldermar - Divine Infant Parish)
  • Provide staff & students the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation during the Seasons of Advent & Lent.

A Message from Our Chaplaincy Leader

My name is Leanne Davis, and I am the chaplaincy leader at St. Matthew HS. I have been with the OCSB since 1998 and am delighted to be part of this school faith community. We are celebrating a new OCSB spiritual theme: Sent to BE the Good News (Luke 4:14-20). I believe this theme speaks to the spirituality of a teenager.  In our witness to our love of Jesus in the world, we are witnessing goodness for humanity.

In Catholic Education, the Good News gives us the most sacred and meaningful mission. To quote our spiritual theme resource book: “Through the experience of learning in a Catholic School environment, learners are invited to hear the Good News and see how it applies to their lives and the world in which they live. Pope Francis reminds us that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has a message for everyone. We empower our students with the Good News to live it in their lives and make the world a place of peace, love, and hope for all.”

I will pray for all staff, students, and families that this year be filled with God’s love and mercy. Blessings on your families.  ~Peace, Leanne Davis

Parish Links

Our school community is served by the following parishes. Click on the links to visit the parish websites.

Divine Infant Catholic Church 
6658 Bilberry Drive, Orleans
Phone: 613-824-6822


Welcome message to staff and students from Fr. Waldermar at Divine Infant Parish

The Good Shepherd Parish 
3092 Innes Road, Ottawa
Phone: 613-824-4394