St. Matthew High School is a welcoming educational community dedicated to excellence and the celebration of full human potential, in accordance with Catholic values. We believe all students can learn, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that all students learn.  Catholic Values Incorporated In Our Board's Strategic Plan: Faith; Community; Partnership; Persons; Excellence; Justice; and Stewardship.
Department Teaching Staff
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Richard Johnston,
(department head)

Steve Allard
Fadi Diab
Andrea Grant
Jean Guillaume
Taren Kidd
Ashley Miller-Bouchard
Elisa Toreja

Courses Offered
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Grade 9  Grade 10  Grade 11  Grade 12 

HRE1O - Religion (Be with Me)

HRE1OI - Religion (Sois avec moi)

HRE2O - Religion (Christ and Culture)

HRE2OI - Religion (Christ and Culture)

HRT3M - World Religions Belief Traditions: Perspectives, Issues, and Challenges

HRT3MI - Etude des religions - croyances et traditions

HRF3O - World Religions and Belief Traditions in Daily Life

HRE4M - Religion (Church and Culture - Ethics)

HRE4O - Religion (Creating a Christian Lifestyle)

HZT4U - Philosophy


Course Types 

C - College
D - Academic
E - Workplace
I - Immersion
L - Locally Developed
M - University/College
O - Open
P - Applied
U - University