Grade 7-8 Homeroom Schedules and Teachers

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7-02  Rick Despatie

7-03  Julian Duval
7-04  Amanda Gour

7-05  Rob Searle

7-06  Patrick Boivin

7-07 Candace MacKay

7-08  Candace MacKay

7-09   Sharon Hollingsworth

Non- Homeroom Teachers:

Catherine Fowler 

Shady Hanna

Harrison Lowe

Christina Maier

Becky Morris

Tanya Rivard - Morton



 James Tucker

8-02  Eleanor McCormick-Dawson 

8-03  Jennifer Brisson    

8-04  Corina Jarrett

8-05  Patricia Stack 

8-06  Alyssa Harvey

8-07  Candace MacKay
8-09  Sharon Hollingsworth

Curriculum Leaders:

Corina Jarrett: Literacy (English) 

Jennifer Brisson: French/Immersion Science 

Shady Hanna: Numeracy (Math/Science) 

Stéphanie Lemieux: Humanities (Drama/Religion and Social Science) 

Patrick Boivin: Healthy and Active Living (Arts, Phys. Ed.)